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What is a Merit Shop?

Barts Electric is a merit shop. What that means is that we do not operate as a union or have union employees in our business. We have chosen to be a merit shop electrical contractor because we seek out employees with the highest skills, who take the most initiative, and perform at the highest levels. In return, we reward them with employment opportunities, advancement opportunities, and amazing benefits.

Since our inception, we have chosen to work with our employees one-on-one. We do not allow union interference. We respect their rights and offer competitive benefits and compensation. We make our hiring decisions based on the ability of an employee, not on their union or nonunion status. By operating our business in this way, we can provide both our employees and our clients with a higher quality experience at every level. Along with this philosophy we have developed some guidelines, which we have listed here. 

We offer a wider range of services and operate in a larger area than union electric contractors. This means that our craft workers have more work to choose from. We believe this consistency in work has an overall benefit for our workers that isn’t yet realized by unionized electrical contractors.

Our career electricians will typically share how rewarding their life has been as an electrician working in a merit shop. Some will even share about how they have developed a 7-figure retirement portfolio by working as an electrician for a merit shop like Barts Electric. 

At Barts Electric, our employees aren’t known by a membership number. Our leadership knows your name, values your input, and truly cares about you and your family. #WeBuildPeople#BuiltatBarts #WeAllWinTogether #Electrician #Apprenticeship

As electric vehicles become increasingly prevalent, the demand for parking lot charging stations is also on the rise. Barts Electric offers comprehensive installation services for these chargers, whether as part of a new construction project or in an existing lot. With offices located in Kansas City, Salt Lake City, and Fort Walton Beach, and a track record of managing projects throughout the country, we are well-equipped to meet the needs of our clients wherever they may be.Contact us at #electricvehicle #chargingstation #installation #construction #commercial #industrial #parkinglot #libertycommercecenter #lcc #electrician #contractor #innovation #electricaltechnology


The Barts Electric mentorship program provides an invaluable opportunity for electrical apprentices to learn from experienced professionals, gain new perspectives and insights, and develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as an electrician.We’re hiring new apprentice electricians right now. No experience is necessary - you only a desire to learn the trade and a great work ethic. Barts Electric will take care of the rest plus we’ll pay YOU to do it!Learn more and apply at: #mentorship #apprenticeship #electrician #electrical #apprentices

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