Barts Electric is Not About One Person

It's About a Process Designed to BUILD PEOPLE

At our core, Barts Electric is an organization that builds people. What do we mean when we say that?

Every part of the process of serving our clients and customers revolves around our people. Our training programs, our safety programs, our project management processes, our internship programs, our employee benefits. From start to end, Barts Electric is about Building People. 

The Barts Electric Philosophy
Our Values, Purpose & Vision

“Everyone has a seat at the table.” This is the actual phrase from a top strategic initiative in our plan. It’s not just management mumbo jumbo to us.

We want our employees to be part of a culture where they are heard and included in the development, execution, and the rewards of business decisions. 

Leadership Starts at the Top

We Strive Daily to Create a Culture of Success Throughout the Entire Company

“I want an opportunity for everyone. If they want to be the president of the company. If they want to be an owner. Whatever it might be, I want to help them.”

Bart Walker, CEO

Our Founder and CEO
Bart Walker, owner of Bart’s Electric, comes from a large family with small-town roots. He learned from a young age about hard work in Beehive Electric, a Walker family operation started by his father, where he worked alongside his brothers to support the family.

Bart Walker is an energetic and visionary entrepreneur who took his family experiences and turned them into Bart’s Electric in 1992 when he was just 24 years old. Today the company has 200 employees and has completed major projects in much of the western United States and on both coasts.

Bart is a businessman and father devoted to his family. He believes in giving back to his community and to supporting those with seemingly insurmountable challenges. He is a lay minister for the church in his community where he devotes significant time to leading and ministering to those in his congregation.
Bart Walker C
Barts Electric Leadership Team

Building People is One of Our Foundational Philosophies

Bart Walker

Founder & CEO

Brett Walker

President - Arkansas Office

Mike Beach

Chief Business Officer

Shon Pummell

President - Missouri Office

Tammy Freund

Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Miller

President - Florida Office

Brian Walker

Senior Field Operations Manager

Steven Riley

Senior Field Operations Manager

Steve Weidmaier

Field Operations Manager

Russell Morris

Vice President of Operations

Brian Lynne

Project Manager

Spenser Lowrey

Vice President of Estimating

Terry Hillman

Vice President of Sales

Jason Robbins

Service Department Manager

Annie Diehl

Vice President of Operations

Kim Lauer

Human Resources Manager