Become a Barts Electric Electrician:
Barts Electrical Apprenticeship Program

No Student Debt

We cover your education and training and pay you while you are learning.

Electrical Apprenticeship
at Barts Electric

Barts Electric’s highly respected electrical apprenticeship program will prepare you for a rewarding career in the electrical industry.

Earn More

92% of apprentices who complete the program go on to earn an average annual salary of $72,000.

Career Growth

Expand your horizons with a multitude of opportunities.

No Experience Required

The Barts Electric Apprenticeship Program can transform you into a skilled electrical craftsman.

See The Country

Want to travel and get paid? We have offices and projects across the US.

Pursuing a profession in electrical services could be the key to realizing your aspirations of stable employment, personal satisfaction, and high achievement. Barts Electric provides the necessary resources to help you attain this objective with hands-on training, while being well paid. Our electrician apprenticeship programs offer you an advantage in the industry while laying the groundwork for continuous development and progress in your electrical profession.

Become an Electrician

Apprenticeship Programs for Electricians

Education and lifelong learning are essential for evolving into a proficient and sought-after certified electrician. If you are just beginning your journey in this career, this is the ideal time to apply for an electrician apprenticeship.

The Barts Electric apprenticeship program offers aspiring electricians a quality education and valuable training experience. Getting accepted into our electrical apprenticeship program will open many doors for you.

By the end of your apprenticeship, you will have mastered the fundamental skills of installing, repairing, testing, adjusting, and maintaining electrical systems. You’ll have been trained and prepared to work on commercial, industrial, and residential job sites. You will have learned the high-quality, Barts Electric way of doing things and you will be in a position to enjoy your new career as a qualified journeyman electrician.

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$28.63 Per Hour

Average Skilled Wage Rate

Why Choose Barts Electric?

We offer world class training opportunities developed and delivered by licensed industry professionals. By pairing classroom education and on-the-job training, in our four-year apprenticeship program, our students graduate with a leg up on the competition and are prepared to not only excel in their career, but to become a licensed electrical craftsman.

Red Hat Electrical Apprenticeship Recruiting
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Safety is top priority in our electrical apprenticeship program.

We provide comprehensive training and strictly adhere to safety standards and requirements to ensure that our apprentices can work with confidence and peace of mind.
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Our apprenticeship program equips you with a wide range of skills that are highly valued in the job market.

Through hands-on training and classroom education, you will become a well-rounded and highly capable electrical professional
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No Debt

Unlike traditional education paths that often lead to student debt, our apprentices get paid while they learn on the job.

This means that you can start building your career and earning a living, while becoming a true craftsman.
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Worried about being thrown into the deep end? Fear not! We believe in a gradual approach. For the first 30 days, apprentices dive into our comprehensive training center, mastering the basics. Once equipped, they’re paired with experienced electrical mentors and craftsmen, who take them to real job sites, showing them the ropes and imparting invaluable wisdom.

Barts Electric Mentorship Program Producing Cream of the Crop Electricians
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Barts Electric Mentorship Program Can Be a Game Changer for Electrical Apprentices
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