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We Focus on Employees, Clients, Community and Collaboration

It takes a skilled, well-crafted team to maximize the value we provide long after turnover – and it starts with you. From our commitment to quality and safety to our virtual design, underground mapping, mechanical and industrial opportunities – we plan, we build, but most important, together we help our clients, partners and the communities around us exceed their goals.

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A construction career at Barts begins with a desire to do outstanding work and to be part of something special. 

Whether you are just getting started or have a background that makes you uniquely qualified, we’d like to hear from you. 

Barts Electric Has Opportunities for You at Every Phase of Your Career

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Learn from the best in the business while gaining real-world experience. If this is something you are interested in, our company is looking for interns like you! With our intern program, you’ll get real experience and real results.
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New Graduates

Join us for the journey of a lifetime. You’ll manage projects, solve the toughest construction challenges, innovate more efficient processes, and use the latest technology. This isn’t your typical day at work.

Trade Professionals

We are passionate about having the best people on our team. Do you have experience in the electrical trade in any form, and would like to work for a company that provides a great opportunity? If so, contact us today.
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Experienced Professionals

Managers, directors, and construction team leaders with extensive experience in delivering a high-quality experience for clients are crucial to our success. No matter your level of experience, opportunities await at Barts.
We Build People

What Can a Career at Barts Electric Mean for Your Life?

Is it possible to start a career with a dynamic company like Bart’s Electric and eventually advance to the executive level and maybe even run the company as the president? You bet it’s possible. It’s possible at Bart’s Electric. Watch this video to learn more about how Shon Pummell could be on that very path.

Learn About Shon Pummell

You Will Succeed at Barts!

Shon is a great example of how Bart’s Electric builds people. And how those people, like Shon, go on to build other people within the company and impact not only them, but their spouses, their children, and even their future retirement experience.

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Barts Electric Can Change Your Life... Come Join Us!