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Barts Electric Through Video Stories

Barts Electric’s founder and CEO, Bart Walker, has been the visionary and inspiration for the company’s mission statement… People, Quality, Technology. 

Having developed this mission statement over decades of experience and company development, Bart has become the champion of this message all throughout the company. It is with this same mission statement in mind that Bart added a Digital Marketing Team to his company in 2021. A team dedicated to the retelling and sharing of the stories that have helped make Barts Electric a great partner, a great employer, and most importantly, a great family!

Browse the video playlists below and learn more about how we do things at Barts Electric. After that, we hope you’ll come join us in our pursuit of excellence… whether it be as a client, as a partner, as an employee… in whatever way you see yourself working with us, we want you to join us!


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