Looking for a Better Electrical Career?

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January 25, 2017
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Looking for a Better Electrical Career?

If you’re an electrician and you want to advance your career, then Bart’s Electric is the place you need to be.

This is the last article in a multi-part series on “How We Make Barts Electric a Great Workplace”

The following are some common attributes shared by great workplaces.

11) Great workplaces are led by exceptional and inspiring leaders. Leaders set the example from the top and lead the organization well. They genuinely care about and value employees. Relationships between leaders and employees are characterized by mutual respect, trust, honesty, and support.

The entire management team here at Bart’s Electric is focused on being the best leaders that we can be. Not only that, but we consistently invest in all of our employees and train on leadership development on a regular basis.

12) Great workplaces are successful, growing, and innovative. They hold themselves to high standards, are focused on delivering exceptional customer service and quality, and strive to innovate and continuously improve their organizations. They are always raising the bar in their businesses and in their workplaces.

This is a regular part of our leadership training meetings. The end result is that everyone at Bart’s has the same focus and expectations throughout the organization.

13) Great workplaces hire the best—and only the best. They recognize that a great workplace and culture results from great people. They define the talent they need, strategically recruit it, and put into place selection practices that identify top performers, as well as on-boarding practices that engage top performers and set them up for success from the start.

Part of our recruitment and hiring strategy is the proper vetting of individuals. We focus on experience, character, desire, willingness, and other personal attributes that successful individuals demonstrate. If you’re reading this and you’re a Bart’s Electric employee, then know that this is part of why YOU were hired. Because we believe in you!

14) Great workplaces have a unique culture that is their own, often described as fun, congenial, collaborative, positive, passionate, and creative. Their work environments, people, and workplace practices all help create a vibrant, positive, magnetic, and infectious culture.

Our culture is the lifeblood of our business. Each of our employees are representatives of the company and you all have the ability to be a good representative or a bad representative. That’s why we spend a lot of time on culture development within the company.

15) And last but not least, great workplaces make an impact on and give back to their local community. Not only do they generously donate their company resources to the community, but they also serve their communities by helping others in need and offering their staff’s time and talents.

Ultimately, we are all part of a community. A community in our home life, a community in our work life, a community of friendships at places we gather. Being a good community member wherever you are is a strong principle and value we promote at Bart’s Electric.

There is no magic formula for achieving a great workplace, and these are just some common attributes of many that great workplaces seem to have. While no workplace is perfect, many organizations strive to become a truly great workplace and come close. Bart’s Electric strives every day to be a great workplace. Together with you, we believe we truly making a difference… and we want you to come join us.

Do you know a new or experienced electrician? Someone looking to change or jumpstart their career? Who do you know who could benefit from networking with Bart’s Electric? Send them a link to our Careers Page and ask them to fill out an application with us. https://www.bartselectric.com/careers

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