Our Projects & Clients


Construction using the Design/Build process is where a contractor performs three critical components for a project:

  • Engineering and Design
  • Financial Budget
  • Execution of PlanBy designing directly for the project at hand, Bart’s Electric is able to match the services and technologies desired by the client with our vast knowledge and expertise.

Design / Build Advantages

The design / build process has distinct advantages for developers and building owners over the traditional design process. By understand the budget of a project early in the process, we are more able to design to the needs of the project while ensuring that costs are kept within the desired range. Bringing the electrical contractor in at the start of the project gives everyone a clearer understanding of the design specs at a critical part of the project planning. This ultimately leads to a savings in time and costs. Another benefit in this process is that the designers and developers work closely throughout the entire process, which leads to a smoother and more successful project in the end.

  • Reduction in overall time
  • Fewer meetings as the project is working directly with the contractor
  • An established and approved budget from the start
  • Owner involved project management, which leads to greater clarity
  • Fewer change order because of the close cooperation of all parties
  • A more successful, on-time project