Work Life at Barts Electric
Barts Electric Changed Me
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Spenser shares how Barts Electric has impacted him. 

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There is a place for you at Barts Electric. Contact us to find out how you can have a rewarding career with us. 

Training On Every Level
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Training our Red Hat crew and preparing them for their career at Barts Electric.
Working Toward Perfect Practice
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Bart Walker, CEO, helps Red Hat Trainees get prepared for the field.
Why a Red Hat
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The Red Hat Team begins in the shop where they train to be the best.
Training Your Replacement
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Moving up in the company & teaching others your job.
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Career Benefits Available
I Decided on Barts Electric
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Why Choose Barts
Taking a Step Back to Go Forward
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Two Steps Forward
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Each Day is New
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Why Barts is for Me
Merit Shop Benefits
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Merit Shop Benefits
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