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A People-First Approach to Success

An important objective at Barts Electric is to expect and enable our people to give extraordinary dedication and effort to our partners, customers, and the projects we share.

Our First Priority is to Build Our People

“We want our people to feel that as an organization we care about them. If we are sincere in our approach, our people will care for each other, they will care for our customers, and they will care for the community around us…”

Bart Walker, CEO

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Barts Electric comes from simple but deep roots. Bart Walker grew up in a large family in rural Missouri where hard work, faith, and family were what life was all about.

At Barts Electric, we understand that earning the trust of our emplyees is a big part of winning customer trust.

The company’s benefits are generous and designed to offer opportunities to expand careers and financial strength. Employees, like their CEO, are generous supporters of charitable causes.
Supporting Our Communities Since 1992

Building Local Communities

At Barts Electric, we truly believe in serving the community. As a devout man of faith, Bart has always believed that serving others is akin to serving God. For this reason, it is common to find our team members helping out with volunteer labor at charities like Habitat For Humanity, participating in food drives for the homeless, working in homeless shelters and providing financial support to individuals who have fallen on hard times. As we continue to focus on building people, we take pride in lifting others that need a helping hand.
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We Build People
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A Company That's Interested in People

We Build People

Our commitment to building people up isn’t just lip service… it’s at the core of everything we do. Our success over the years has been about and continues to be about building a strong foundation in our people.
Bart's Electric Serves Major Industries

Industries We Serve

Barts Electric is recognized as an industry leader of electrical construction services throughout the USA. Below are a few of the key industries that we specialize in.
Barts Electric