Bart’s: Come Work Here!

Bart’s: A Great Place to Work!
November 30, 2016
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January 25, 2017
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Bart’s: Come Work Here!

Brian Lynne: New Training Energy at Bart’s!

Continuing on from our last news article, achieving a great workplace takes dedication and an attitude that honors and respects people and recognizes effort. At Barts Electric, we do that!

This is a multi-part series on “How We Make Barts Electric a Great Workplace”

The following are some common attributes shared by great workplaces.

4) Great workplaces show they appreciate and value employees and their contributions. They celebrate success often, and praise, recognize, and reward employees in a variety of formal and informal ways. They never miss an opportunity to say “thanks” for employees’ hard work.

5) Great workplaces invest in training and development for their workforce to grow their talents and capabilities. They make time for learning and support it by paying for employees to participate in various opportunities and offering/delivering a variety of training and career development programs.

6) Through performance management practices that help guide, support, and develop exceptional performance. Great workplaces provide clarity on how to be a top performer, help other employees become top performers, and assist existing top performers in sustaining top performance. Reaching for excellence each and every day is what makes great workplaces successful.

Stay tuned for part 3 of this 5 part series on what we believe makes Barts Electric a great workplace.

Do you know a new or experienced electrician? Someone looking to change or jumpstart their career? Who do you know who could benefit from networking with Bart’s Electric? Send them a link to our Careers Page and ask them to fill out an application with us.

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