Our Leaders

Brett Walker

Vice President

After growing up in the family electrical business, Brett Walker started his apprenticeship in 1984. Following a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints in England, his electrical career continued with key management roles with three different organizations. Brett joined Barts Electric in 1996 and has had various roles within the electrical industry, such as estimator, project manager, Sr. project manager, operations director, VP of preconstruction services, VP of sales and estimating, and general vice president. Understanding that participation in trade organizations contributes to the progressiveness and growth of any company, Brett maintains active memberships in both the IEC (Independent Electrical Contractors) and ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors), industry-respected electrical trade associations. Additionally, Brett has previously served as the president of the NKC Rotary Club, where he is still an active member and participates in the Rotary Jamaica Medical Mission each year. A dedicated family man, Brett is married with three kids, two grandchildren (and two dogs). Brett is an avid fisherman, and his favorite hobby is tournament bass fishing. He is still actively involved in his church and currently serves as Bishop of the Tiffany Springs Ward in Kansas City, Missouri.
A key strength of our company is that we care deeply about our people. Probably everybody says that about their employees, but we really work hard to live it at BE.

Lantz Allen

Chief Financial Officer

In 2009, Lantz Allen joined Barts Electric, bringing his invaluable 20-plus years’ experience in software, manufacturing, high tech, and construction industries, to serve as the company’s CFO. Lantz assumed responsibility for the first official remote location of Barts Electric Company, which opened in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the spring of 2011. As a sidekick to his master electrician grandfather, much of Lantz’s childhood was spent on construction sites. Soon thereafter, Lantz found himself also following his father, a commercial banker, through the halls of banking institutions and into the doors of all types of businesses throughout southern California, observing how expertly his father serviced their financial needs. This early exposure to both sides of the business fostered in Lantz a strong work ethic and the abilities to observe, inquire, and formulate and execute problem-solving solutions, which have served him well his entire career. His expansive experiences, including international business dealings over the past two decades (EMEA, Asia-Pac, and Latin America), have yielded a broader perspective to his approach to all aspects of the business. Lantz’s formal education consists of a bachelor’s degree in finance from Brigham Young University and a master’s of business administration from the University of Utah. Lantz and his wife, Shena, live in Salt Lake City area with their four children, three sons and a daughter. In his free time, Lantz enjoys the outdoors, riding motorcycles, and keeping up with his kids’ numerous activities.
We believe there are expanding opportunities for mid-sized electrical contracting firms like BE where the focus is on connecting our best people with specific skills to a specific customer and project.

Trevor Beyeler

Vice President, Operations

Trevor Beyeler is Vice President of Operations and comes from a project management and manufacturing background in the aircraft and defense industries. He has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Pittsburg State University and an MBA from Wichita State University. Trevor’s 10 years experience and his Six Sigma background has elevated project management disciplines at Bart’s. Trevor takes a keen interest in his staff and is always looking for ways to help them progress in their careers. He is an active participant and leader in his church and community. He has 4 children in the Kearney, Missouri school system and spends his time in the outdoors, raising a family, and home projects.
My priority is to figure out what our customer wants and see if we can match their expectations to project leaders and processes that have proven successful on other jobs.

Shon Pummell

Vice President, Pre-Construction

Shon Pummell, Vice President Estimating, is a Bart’s Electric story of determination and resourcefulness. Shon was born and raised in St. Joseph, Missouri where he had his share of odd jobs to get through school. He then found himself in the US Navy working on a submarine out of Pearl Harbor as a Machinist Mate Auxiliaryman. In the year 2000, Shon started as an apprentice at Bart’s and worked hard through many chairs to become the head of the department in 2010. He recognizes that his success came from a culture at Bart’s where his coworkers were also his friends and mentors who have pitched in to train and inspire him. He often speaks of his early years at the company where the much smaller team frequently camped, hunted, and skied together and those bonds have helped form a strong and hard working culture.
Our success at Bart’s is all about an owner who likes to match opportunities with employees with the desire to figure out how to do something with the chances that come their way.

Brian Walker

Field Operations Specialist

Brian Walker, Vice President of Field Operations, has 22 years in the electrical contracting business. He is one of three Walker brothers at Bart’s and, like his brothers, Bart and Brett, he started working with his father at a young age to learn the craft. Brian was involved at Bart’s Electric from the startup phases and managed the field operations almost from the beginning. Brian has a knack for working with the field teams and spends much of his time moving from job to job and connecting with the foremen and project managers. He has had a significant role in developing the current leaders at Bart’s and he takes a personal interest in properly training those motivated to advance their careers as electricians. Brian loves the great outdoors and he runs a farming operation in his spare time.
At the job site, it always boils down to people - we want our leaders prepared to work with our clients and we want them experienced enough to guide our electricians over the inevitable challenges of our business.

Stephen Weidmaier

Field Operations Manager

Stephen Weidmaier, Field Operations Manager, grew up in a family connected to the industry; his dad and eldest brother were electricians. “As long as I can remember we spent evenings and weekends wiring homes for family vacation money,” says Stephen. He started with commercial electrical work the first day out of high school and he slept in a job site trailer and worked long hours for $4.25 an hour. His job description has evolved into multi-million dollar contracts, overseeing challenging projects, a mass casualties emergency center, and most recently, a mother baby unit and a large behavioral health unit. Stephen has been a foreman or project manager on over 100 Walmart Centers, many high schools, and several hospitals around the country. He takes personal pride in his leadership on projects at Staley, Blue Valley, and North Kansas City high schools. He is proud of his record of completing every project on time and under budget.
At Bart’s, we expect a lot of our electricians - so much so that we have developed a mentoring plan that insures that I am expendable!

Steven Riley

Field Operations Director

Steven Riley is one of an elite group of Field Operations Managers at Bart’s Electric and is a Brian Walker prote’ge’. These positions are critical to foremen and staff success at the job site. Bart’s employees do not arrive at these challenging positions easily or without broad backgrounds in running work and leading teams. Steven is no exception to this rule. He has been an electrician since 1996 and has been an employee at Bart’s for 15 years. He has been willing to work on jobs, large and small, in other cities across the country and has been willing to accept very challenging projects. His current position has him overseeing all projects and related manpower in the Kansas City area. Steven knows how to lead by setting an example of hard work and teaching his leaders how to develop each individual.
I believe in management by walking around and being next to our guys on location. If I can help them see their importance to the entire project and how their effort impacts quality and how our customers feel about Bart’s…then, that’s a great day!

Jason Ham

Director of Safety, Quality, and Training

Jason Ham is the Safety Director at Bart’s Electric and has a deep well of experience from which to draw. He is a certified OSHA Specialist in Safety and Health in the construction industry and a graduate from the OSHA Training Institute in 2014. Jason is licensed as a Master Electrician in 18 states. He is also a Certified Instructor and Master Trainer for The Heart of America office of Associated Builders and Contractors where he currently is an instructor for 4th year apprentices. Jason is a teacher with years of hands on experience to back up his guidance to those eager to learn. He still puts on the tool belt when necessary to move major projects forward. Since taking over the position of Safety Director at Bart’s, Jason has been able to oversee a steady improvement in the Experience Modification Rating of the company as well as a dramatic reduction in insurance premiums by instituting a very successful safety plan for all employees.
Our philosophy here is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our employees embrace an approach that keeps us all healthy and on the job.

Tammy Freund


Tammy Freund is a leader who loves a challenge. She is a hard and loyal worker who sets an example of excellence to her staff. Although she has the title of Accounting Director, she also manages the support and administrative staff at the main office. She is one of a few employees who have advanced their skills and talents since the Bart’s Electric startup and have developed into the company’s leadership team. She is from Blue Springs, Missouri and received her accounting training at William Jewel College.
I am proud of the Bart’s support team. It is our job to help our customers and keep our employees happy so they can focus on our customers. We are not perfect but we are working to be great!